We welcome innovative growers to take advantage of our AMPS Research information and network and to become an AMPS Research member.

As an Incorporated Association, AMPS Research has an annual membership fee of $220 (incl. GST). Beyond that, we ask you to support our business model by shopping at our retail branches and supporting our commercial business.  

By becoming an AMPS research member, you will receive access to over 15 years of extensive trials and results across North-West NSW. 

You will also be invited to AMPS Field Days and Research Review sessions. They are a great chance to get off farm and talk to other growers about what is working for them, and what isn’t, and hear firsthand from our research team about our results and advice.


What our research members say

"If you want to be involved in agriculture in any way, 100% become a research member. The stuff there...you don't find it anywhere else."

Hugh Brownhill

Spring Ridge NSW

Hugh Brownhill image

“Their research is second to none.” 

Tom Corlis


Tom Corlis image

“The amount of output you need to put in to a crop, you need to trust the advice you’re receiving, and I feel like AMPS is always in your corner trying to help you out.” 

Will Chaffey


Will Chaffey image

“If you class yourself as an innovative grower, AMPS is the organisation to trial things and help make that happen."

Georgina Simson


Georgina Simson image

“AMPS Research is a very professional arm of AMPS. They value input from the local growers and incorporate these studies in their trials.

Timing is everything and the AMPS Research team run their trials keeping this in mind. The insights you can glean from the research definitely has a positive impact on our profitability.” 

Sandy Stump


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