AMPS Research is the defining factor of our business.

We are committed to improving the profitability and sustainability of farming systems across the North-West NSW.

With over 70 sites every year and 19,000 trial plots (both winter and summer crop trials), our trials focus on practical results.

Our trials are action-focused, using applied agronomy to allow growers to adopt our work readily.

Input and involvement with the agricultural community are pivotal for AMPS Research. Regional grower committees help decide on the research plans and priorities. Across North-West NSW, we have over 70 sites yearly and 19,000 trial plots (both winter and summer crop trials).  

Every trial site is on one of our customers' farms, on their soil, in their backyard. Our research is relatable and relevant.

AMPS Research has an internal funding model whereby a significant portion of profits generated from our agricultural merchandise stores funds our research. We also do joint research projects with our research partners. Our rigorous research program provides independent, timely, and relevant information while allowing us to be reactive and research current issues within any given season. 


When agriculture thrives, rural communities thrive.
AMPS Research is deeply rooted in community engagement, with a robust schedule of research events, including a minimum of 12 field days throughout the northwest region per year. On average, more than 900 growers, agronomists and industry representatives annually attend AMPS field days. This strong community connection allows us to rapidly and readily disperse research results across a large area, contributing to a stronger community and a stronger industry. 


Science and innovations have been the driving force behind AMPS Research's success.
Our commitment to the continued adoption of science and innovation propels AMPS growers to be industry leaders. The future of research is not just promising; it's exciting.


That's why we're growing our research.


Our research provides members with credible local data to assist in optimising their return potential.

- Tom Simson, Chairman of AMPS Research