We have a team of capable agronomists ready to discuss what is happening in your crop, fallow or pasture paddock. 

Our AMPS agronomists are available to ensure you have access to the best advice for your farming decisions.

For all your queries about broadacre crop production, call your local AMPS branch to find out how we can help you. We have full-time agronomists available at most of our branches, and we have strong relationships with other local agronomists to ensure you have access to the best advice for cropping decisions.

Our agronomy team has experience across dryland and irrigated cereals, pulses, oilseeds and cotton production and has input into extensive and intensive animal production systems. Regular updates with all our chemical and fertiliser suppliers ensure that our product knowledge is current and continues to grow.

We strive to provide the best crop management advice to optimise the result by tailoring advice to your specific operation and rotation plan. Our agronomists work closely with our research team, ensuring customers access innovative products and leading advice. 

Contact your local AMPS branch today if you're looking for agronomic advice.