Do you deliver? 

Yes. We can deliver from any one of our 6 branches across North-West NSW.

Do I have to be a research member to shop with AMPS?

Anyone is welcome to shop at AMPS. We have a range of farm and livestock supplies ready for your farming needs.

How does your research membership work?

As an Incorporated Association, AMPS Research has an annual membership fee of $220 (incl. GST).
Research members are asked to support our business model by shopping at our commercial business. 

What does being an AMPS Research member get me?

Becoming a research member will give you access to over 15 years of extensive trials and results across North-West NSW. You will also be invited to AMPS Field Days and Research Review sessions. To find out more about our AMPS Research memberships, click here.

What is the relationship between AMPS Commercial, AMPS Agribusiness and AMPS Research?

AMPS Agribusiness is the parent company of AMPS, AMPS Commercial is our merchandise stores company, and AMPS Research is a not-for-profit, independent Incorporated Association funded by a portion of profits generated from AMPS Commercial.

What does AMPS stand for

Agricultural Marketing Production Systems. When AMPS was established 25 years ago, AMPS offered a range of services in addition to AMPS Research and AMPS Commercial, including commodity marketing and storage offerings. Today, the business focuses on our commercial agricultural merchandise stores and independent research incorporation.