April 23, 2024

Kate, who has been a Director of AMPS for the past four years and the current Deputy Chair, brings a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted connection with AMPS dating back to the beginning of the business. With a Bachelor's degree in Science and Commerce, a Master's Degree in Economics, and a robust background in agriculture, we are confident that AMPS is in capable hands under Kate's leadership and governance. 

Kate replaces Damien Frawley, who, after five and a half years, is stepping down from the AMPS board to pursue other roles. Kate said today of Damien's commitment to AMPS,   

"He leaves us enjoying the utmost respect and sincere thanks for his enormous contribution over his time with AMPS, and we wish him all the best in his new endeavours. During his 5 & ½ years heading up the AMPS board, Damien has overseen a phenomenal period of growth and consolidation for us all, and we have been incredibly fortunate to have had his guidance and business acumen during this pivotal growth phase". 

Always a firm believer in constant evolution, personally and professionally, Damien strongly advocates for getting in, making a difference, and leaving the company in better shape for the next leadership team. 

Continuing the legacy of strong leadership, current Board Member David Brownhill will join Kate as Deputy Chair.

As outgoing chairperson Damien Frawley said, "I have loved my involvement with AMPS, and it has been wonderful to see growth in the business. It has been a real privilege working with such a talented team. I am confident I am leaving the business in good shape, and I wish Kate and all at AMPS every success." 

We thank Damien for his contribution to our business and look forward to continuing to grow here under Kate's leadership.


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