March 07, 2024

This International Women’s Day (IWD), we're looking inward and asking our teams what it means. What do the themes for #IWD2024 of "counting her in" and "inspiring inclusion" mean to us? To our industry, customers, families and community? 

AMPS proudly supports women in the workforce and recognises the pivotal role women have in our customers' businesses, communities, and companies. Across the North-West, over a third of our team is women, so we asked some of our colleagues how they felt about IWD.  

One of our Branch Managers explained, "Women have been as important in agriculture as men for decades, often seen as the quiet achievers and rock beside men. In recent times, women have come to the forefront in leading roles, and this change has only improved things."  

Another staff member who works in Research spoke about the way our business promotes inclusion with flexibility. As a mother, she said she has "incredibly flexible working arrangements and has always felt valued and respected at work." This inclusivity and its knock-on effect of encouraging more women into businesses by allowing work to fit around their family schedules is essential at AMPS. 

A finance team member discussed the obvious wisdom of developing "a business with a diverse range of skill sets and critical and analytical thinking."

Women only add to the strength of our company and our customers' companies, and it’s important to keep inspiring this inclusion of the pivotal role their sometimes overlooked skills play.  

At AMPS, we're up for inspiring inclusion! Whatever your background, if you're passionate about the future of farming, about growing here and investing in independent, local research that supports farm productivity and profitability, we will count you in. 


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