November 16, 2021

Off-target spray drift is a significant issue for summer cropping in Australia, causing injury and economic damage to a range of crops and the environment. It is important that chemical users "keep the spray on the weeds" not only from an efficacy standpoint but also to prevent off-target injury to crops.
Spraying agricultural chemicals, whether from the ground or the air, needs to be properly planned and carefully monitored and executed, to maximise effectiveness and to minimise the risk of off-target chemical movement.
The environmental conditions in summer are conducive to inversion conditions which can lead to large plumes of chemicals moving considerable distances off-target. Many of the causes of off-target spray drift are a result of:

  • Poor equipment set up
  • Product selection of high volatility products
  • Application in environmental conditions which are not suitable

The CottonInfo team (a joint venture between Cotton Seed Distributors, CRDC and Cotton Australia) have commenced their off-target spray drift awareness campaign for the 2021-22 season. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the information in the  downloadable PDF flyer. Your local CottonInfo Regional Extension Officer can be found at
SOS (Stop Off-target Spraying) groups are active in all cotton valleys from the Riverina to St George. SOS aims to educate, inform and enable better pesticide spray practices to ensure sustainable cropping and a safe community. We encourage you to support your local SOS group through attending their activities, following them on social media and promoting their best practice spray messages.



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