January 07, 2019

Competitive crop input finance available at AMPS via Agfarm Accelerate

What is Agfarm Accelerate?

Agfarm Accelerate is a line of credit for all your cropping input needs. It's secured against your future crop production and repaid post harvest with commodity sale proceeds. The program assists leased or share farming operations as well as cashflow management for mixed operations.


  • You manage your purchases, book them onto your Accelerate account then Agfarm pay the invoices on your behalf 
  • Repayment to Agfarm is post harvest: winter crops 15th January 2020 and summer crops 15th July 2019
  • Your Agfarm Regional Manager, Anthony Hall, can help you manage your marketing, or you can manage it yourself. There is no tonnage commitment or buyer lock-in
  • Interest is charged monthly on the drawn balance
  • Applications are open year round

How Do I Apply?

  • Call Anthony  Hall on 0400 873 777
  • Or alternativley CLICK HERE to visit the Agfarm Website
  • Or use the buttons below to apply





For Further Information

  • Call Anthony Hall, Agfarm Regional Manager on 0400 873 777 
  • Call Nigel Herring, CEO of AMPS Agribusiness on 0427 474 805
  • Visit the Agfarm Website CLICK HERE
  • Agfarm FAQ's CLICK HERE 


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