AMPS Research

AMPS Research has provided local growers with valuable production research outcomes for over 20 years.

AMPS Research is a non-for-profit company under the AMPS Agribusiness umbrella. AMPS have always seen the importance of investing money back into agriculture and we do this by conducting our own research trials. The 20 or so farmers that first got together to start this business were all passionate about improving farmers returns by investing in valid research. This philosophy still stands in the business 20 years later. So much so we invest profits from our commercial business back into AMPS Research.

AMPS Research has grown from strength to strength over the years and the great results it deliveries has seen the business grow from a small group in The Liverpool Plains to research committees and AMPS sites in Walgett, Moree, Armatree and Tamworth.

AMPS Research is committed to providing independent, scientifically valid research and look to provide growers with real answers to real problems in real time. 


AMPS Moree

Manager: Tony Lockrey

70 Industrial Drive
Moree NSW 2400

Ph:  02 6752 9001

Fax: 02 6752 9002

AMPS Armatree

Manager: Mark Morris

8 Merrigal Street
Armatree NSW 2831


Ph:  02 6848 5951

Fax: 02 6848 5957

AMPS Walgett

Manager: Peter White

109 Wee Waa Street
Walgett NSW 2343

Ph:  02 6828 1025

Fax: 02 6828 1014

AMPS Tamworth

Manager: Cliff Bramley

25 Gunnedah Road
Tamworth NSW 2340

Ph:  02 6762 2677

Fax: 02 6762 2678

AMPS Waverley

Manager: Nigel Herring

Sales Manager: Dean Whitton

690 Waverley Road
Caroona NSW 2343

Ph:  02 6747 4988