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October 14th , 2013

Building on Great Foundations

AMPS Agribusiness, Moree unveiled its new-look office at their official opening in the Moree Industrial Area on Friday, July 19.

The Future of Ag

It is the third Ag-Merchandise location for the business, with the other two situated in the middle of prime farming area at Caroona and Armatree, complemented by their grain storage and handling facilities at Premer and independent research arm.

AMPS CEO Nigel Herring told attendees that AMPS has always been focused on investing into the local community and would continue doing so in the Moree Plains.
“Our vision has always been there to continue to build on the great foundation which was set by Buy Smart Ag. We’re still the same people, just under a different name,” he said. 
Mr Herring conceded it was a risk for the agricultural company to extend their reach outside the Liverpool Plains but had no doubt they had the core group of people around to make it work.
Manager Mark Simpson said the land purchased for AMPS provided them with plenty of room to continue to grow and expand. 
“Having four acres on the edge of town gives us plenty of room to expand,” he said. 
“We’ve just finished building our new offices, and recently have been awarded Ag-Safe Advanced status for the site, so we’re very happy with how things are progressing. It’s a fantastic  site. “We’ve got three 50-tonne silos on site that we keep starter and urea in for our growers, but most of our business is on-farm delivery of seed and ag-chem.”

A key feature for AMPS Moree is their ability to provide.
Amps loadinglocalised research for local growers. “Not only is AMPS mostly owned by growers,” he said, “there’s no other ag-merchandise company with an independent research arm like ours.
“We perform a wide range of research that is driven by research committees comprising of local growers and agronomists.
“There have been many benefits to both our business and our growers since AMPS purchased Buy Smart Ag.
“One of the major differences is having an independent, localised research arm that provides local growers with results that actually benefit their farm and their bottom line,” he said.
AMPS Agribusiness employs about 40 people throughout their different locations, with the independent research arm being funded through profits from commercial branches.
Moree Mayor Katrina Humphries attended the opening and said due to her agricultural background, it made her “proud to see companies like AMPS investing in the local community”.
Moree Plains Shire Mayor Katrina Humphries with AMPS Moree manager Mark
Simpson and CEO Nigel Herring at the official opening.

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