AMPS Waverley Staff

Instead of being commercially minded our staff endeavour to ensure the grower is always left satisfied

"AMPS ethos is built on a staff base that are agriculturally minded and have close relationships with the local communities we operate in. Our staff base and desire to create market breaking research is what makes AMPS unique."

 - Nigel Herring, CEO


We are always looking for great people to join our team.

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Interim Branch Manager

Nigel Herring

Dave Winnick

Administration Manager

Dave Winnick 

Joel Henry

Merchandise Sales 

Joel Henry


Sales Manager

Dean Whitton


Steve McAnally

Willy Gallagher

Freight & Logistics 

Willy Gallagher

Catherine Hutchins

Administration & Accounts 

Catherine Hutchins

Freight & Logistics

Justin Graham 


Storage & Handling 

Mel Kilmore

Clarke Kelly

Merchandise Sales

Clarke Kelly  

Merchandise Sales

Alex Jerry 

Merchandise Sales

Andrew Stephens

AMPS Moree

Manager: Tony Lockrey

70 Industrial Drive
Moree NSW 2400

Ph:  02 6752 9001

AMPS Armatree

Manager: Mark Morris

8 Merrigal Street
Armatree NSW 2831


Ph:  02 6848 5951

AMPS Walgett

Manager: Peter White

109 Wee Waa Street
Walgett NSW 2343

Ph:  02 6828 1025

AMPS Tamworth

Manager: Cliff Bramley

25 Gunnedah Road
Tamworth NSW 2340

Ph:  02 6762 2677

AMPS Waverley

Manager: Dean Whitton

690 Waverley Road
Caroona NSW 2343

Ph:  02 6747 4988