AMPS Private Research

AMPS  has always had a group of members that are passionate about improving farming practises to improve efficiencies and farmer returns.

All AMPS Research members firmly believe research is a vital part of improving farming practises. Our research members love the fact that the money they spend with us gets reinvested into something that is so beneficial to them. Across our multiple locations we have individual research committees made up of the local research members. We believe the grower should decide where research money should be spent


Tom Simson- Chairman of AMPS Research

Tom Simson has taken over the chairmanship of AMPS Research from our previous chair Gordon Brownhill. Gordon had been the chairman for 12 years and contributed a huge amount of time to grow and expand our operations. 

Tom Simson's family property is based near Premer on the Liverpool Plains. Tom is passionate about ag research and has hosted trials not only for AMPS Research but for many other research organisations. 

Tom is hoping with Gordon's coaching he will be able to expand the footprint of AMPS Research even further across the Northern NSW regions. Within the first few months of his chairmanship he implemented a new cover cropping trial concept. 

He also wants to encourage the next generation to get involved with AMPS Research to ensure trial concepts stay relevant and adapt, so the best possible results can be delivered to the grower. 

AMPS Armatree

Manager: Mark Morris

8 Merrigal Street
Armatree NSW 2831


Ph:  02 6848 5951

AMPS Gunnedah

Manager: Rod Campbell

115 Mathias Rd
Gunnedah NSW 2380

Ph:  02 67414900

AMPS Moree

Manager: Tony Lockrey

70 Industrial Drive
Moree NSW 2400

Ph:  02 6752 9001

AMPS Tamworth

Manager: Cliff Bramley

25 Gunnedah Road
Tamworth NSW 2340

Ph:  02 6762 2677

AMPS Walgett

Manager: Peter White

109 Wee Waa Street
Walgett NSW 2343

Ph:  02 6828 1025

AMPS Waverley

Manager: Dean Whitton

690 Waverley Road
Caroona NSW 2343

Ph:  02 6747 4988