AMPS Origin Story

From A Need For Research Into Australian Agriculture Arose A Multifaceted End To End Service For The Grower!


1999 | The Beginning

Agricultural Marketing and Production Systems (AMPS) was established 1999 as a new and unique concept in Australian agriculture. AMPS was founded on the principles of improving farmer returns and building rural communities by 23 Farmers in the Liverpool Plains area.



2001 | AMPS Commercial Starts

AMPS Commercial Pty Ltd was started.

The commercial business was started to fund AMPS Research, a non-for-profit organisation investing private money in agricultural research.


2004 | Full Time CEO

Due to rapid growth, the current board of 7 shareholders that has been elected decided it was time for the company to employ a full-time CEO.


2010 | Armatree Commercial Opens

After research trials in the Gulargambone region AMPS opened a commercial site in Armatree.


2011 | Merchandise Outlet

With an ever-growing commercial business in the Liverpool Plains, AMPS constructed a purpose-built merchandise outlet.

2011 | AMPS Buys Business in Moree

AMPS bought Buy Smart AG in Moree due to grower’s interest in the company in that region.


2012 | Armatree Official Opening

The official site opening for Armatree was held.

2012 | Moree Goes Full-Time

The fast growth in the Moree area meant it was time to employ a full-time site manager.

2012 | Limited Company

AMPS Agribusiness is the parent company of the fully owned subsidiary entities.
It became a Limited Company in June 2012 and now has over 60 farmer shareholders from Central and Northern NSW.


2014 | AMPS Moree Official Opening

The construction of the Moree office finishes and officially opens as AMPS.

2014 | AMPS Walgett

Servicing Rowena and Walgett areas, the branch in Walgett was established in July 2014.


2016 | AMPS Tamworth

AMPS opens it's Tamworth branch in May 2016


2017 | 5 Companies + Research

The group now consists of 5 companies + AMPS Research, has 61 shareholders and employs 40 full time members of staff.


2021 | AMPS Research

AMPS Research has expanded to have over 15,000 small plot trials planted in the north west


2022 | AMPS Gunnedah

Gunnedah branch of AMPS officially opens

AMPS Armatree

Manager: Mark Morris

8 Merrigal Street
Armatree NSW 2831


Ph:  02 6848 5951

AMPS Gunnedah

Manager: Rod Campbell

115 Mathias Rd
Gunnedah NSW 2380

Ph:  02 67414900

AMPS Moree

Manager: Tony Lockrey

70 Industrial Drive
Moree NSW 2400

Ph:  02 6752 9001

AMPS Tamworth

Manager: Cliff Bramley

25 Gunnedah Road
Tamworth NSW 2340

Ph:  02 6762 2677

AMPS Walgett

Manager: Peter White

109 Wee Waa Street
Walgett NSW 2343

Ph:  02 6828 1025

AMPS Waverley

Manager: Dean Whitton

690 Waverley Road
Caroona NSW 2343

Ph:  02 6747 4988